Who we are

There are five Commissioners.  They are appointed on a full-time basis, but may on occasions undertake other work including judicial training or judicial service.

The Chairman is either a High Court or an Appeal Court judge, appointed to the Commission for up to three years. The other four Commissioners are experienced judges, barristers, solicitors or teachers of law. They are appointed by the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice for up to five years, although their appointments may be extended.

The Commissioners are supported by a Chief Executive and about 20 members of the Government Legal Service, two Parliamentary Counsel (who draft the Bills to reform and consolidate the law), and a number of research assistants, who are usually recently qualified law graduates.


The Chairman promotes the role and work of the Law Commission and is its principal public face. He or she leads the Commissioners and represents their views to Ministers and other stakeholders. The Chairman also leads on particular law reform projects and has special responsibility for overseeing the Commission's consolidation and statute law repeals work.

The Right Honourable Lord Justice (Sir David) Lloyd Jones

The Right Honourable Lord Justice Lloyd Jones has been a judge of the Appeal Court since 02 October 2012. He had previously been a judge of the High Court, Queen's Bench Division since 2005.  He is a Master of the Bench of the Middle Temple, Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Boundary Commission for Wales, and a Member of the Advisory Council of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law.  Between 2008 and 2011 he was a Presiding Judge of Wales and Chair of the Lord Chancellor's Standing Committee on the Welsh Language. In 2010 and 2011 he was a Member of the Judges' Council.  Before becoming a High Court judge he was Queen’s Counsel, a Deputy High Court Judge, Chair of the Bar European Group (2004-5) and a Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge (1975-91).


Professor Elizabeth Cooke heads the Property, Family and Trust Law team
Stephen Lewis heads the Commercial and Common Law team (with effect from 5 January 2015)
Professor David Ormerod QC heads the Criminal Law team 
Nicholas Paines QC heads the Public Law team

Code of Best Practice for Law Commissioners

Our Commissioners follow a Code of Best Practice which incorporates the principles in the Cabinet Office Code of Best Practice for Board Members of Public Bodies.

In accordance with the Code, a Register of Commissioners' Interests is available.

Chief Executive

Elaine Lorimer

Elaine Lorimer, formerly Director of Corporate Services at the National School of Government, joined the Commission as Chief Executive on 16 January 2012.

Mrs Lorimer is a Scottish solicitor and public finance accountant. She has operated at Board level in central and local government as a legal adviser and more recently held accountability for corporate functions, including Finance, ICT and HR. She also has strong links with the Government Legal Service.

Structure of the Law Commission

This chart shows the structure of the organisation and the pay bands into which our staff fall.