Who we are and what we do


The Right Honourable Lord Justice (Sir David) Lloyd Jones

Law Commissioners

Professor Elizabeth Cooke heads the Property, Family and Trust Law team
David Hertzell heads the Commercial and Common Law team
Professor David Ormerod QC heads the Criminal Law team
Nicholas Paines QC heads the Public Law team

Chief Executive

Elaine Lorimer

Structure of the Law Commission

This chart shows the structure of the organisation and the pay bands into which our staff fall.

Legislation relevant to the Law Commission’s functions

Law Commissions Act 1965
Law Commission Act 2009

Working in partnership

The Law Commission Act 2009 and the Protocol between the Lord Chancellor (on behalf of Government) and the Law Commission establish a framework for the working relationship between the Commission and Government and set out how the Commission should work with Government departments on law reform projects.

Information about the sponsoring Departments for specific projects can be found on the individual project pages.