Regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals

Publication date: 02 April 2014

This project was a review of the UK law relating to the regulation of health care professionals, and in England only, the regulation of social workers.

The issues considered by the review included:

  • The registration and renewal of registration of professionals, student registers, registration appeals, protected titles and protected functions
  • How the regulators oversee the quality of pre-registration and post-registration education and training
  • How the regulators set standards for professional conduct and practice, and ensure ongoing practice standards (for example, through revalidation)
  • The investigation and adjudication of fitness to practise case
  • The role of the Professional Standards Authority
  • The regulation of business premises and activities
  • The governance arrangements of the regulators, including the size and composition of Councils
  • The systems through which the regulators can be held to account, including the roles of the Privy Council, Government and Parliament, and duties to consult the public.

We published a report explaining and setting out our recommendations on 2 April 2014, together with a draft Bill. The final report and draft Bill sets out a new single legal framework for the regulation of all health and social care professionals. The reforms aim to sweep away the out-dated and inflexible decision-making processes associated with the current legislation. The new legal framework would introduce a clear and consistent legal framework which is needed to enable the regulators to uphold their duty to protect the public.

This report completes our Regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals project.

Reference numbers: LC345 / SLC 237 / NILC 18 (2014)

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